Students learn best when they learn to think deeply. In student-centered classrooms, the questions our students ask are often more important than the questions they answer. Fostering curiosity and thinking critically is the ultimate goal in every class and every lesson, as we teach our students how to think, not what to think. xx x


From Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, students at Ring Mountain Day School practice skills of kindness, compassion, and empathy every day. Whether caring for school pets, in class discussion around the Harkness table, reading with younger students, sharing lunchtime in “family” groups, or learning in mixed-grade classes and daily advisories, students care for each other, become skillful conflict managers, and grow to understand their place in a larger world. 


The third hallmark of the RMDS experience, collaboration, is in evidence in and outside the classroom—in team-based math classes; in discussion-based humanities classes; in lower school projects; in kindergarten maker-challenges; in Student Senate, in weekly assemblies and play rehearsals. Students learn to work as part of a collaborative team, to respect the voices of their peers and to gain confidence in their own. 

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Our community welcomes all kinds of families from all over the Bay Area. Approximately 30% of students ride our San Francisco bus to school each day. We're committed to putting an RMDS education within reach of all families, so we offer financial aid to over 30% of our students. An intentionally small school, RMDS partners with parents to embrace each student as an individual. 

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