When you visit Ring Mountain Day School, you'll hear a lot of questions. That's because we believe that fostering curiosity and creativity is essential to the best education. We teach students how to think, not what to think. We respect our students' ideas, and that trust inspires their growth.


At RMDS, each child is seen, heard and challenged: no falling through the cracks, no coasting. We create the right education for all of our students, meeting them where they are and moving them forward. Teachers nurture students' minds and hearts through the critical years of elementary and middle school. 


RMDS offers a progressive, flexible and challenging academic program to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Our small classes build creative and critical thinking skills through discussions, projects and collaboration. RMDS graduates are confident, curious and big-hearted, ready for success in high school and beyond. 

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Our community welcomes all kinds of families from all over the Bay Area. Approximately 30% of students ride our San Francisco bus to school each day. We're committed to putting an RMDS education within reach of all families, so we offer financial aid to over 30% of our students. An intentionally small school, RMDS partners with parents to embrace each student as an individual. 

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The research backs RMDS up: children learn through movement, hands-on experiences and play. Read more about it here:
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