Why RMDS? "He absolutely loves going to school."

Guest post by Marybeth Sharpe

Since our son Daniel started kindergarten at Ring Mountain, a highlight of our week is reading his teacher’s handwritten notes which come home in his backpack every Friday. Always upbeat, the notes celebrate something Daniel has done that week - sometimes we’ll learn about an academic accomplishment, and other times, we’ll hear about a new blossoming friendship or when Daniel has been particularly kind and helpful.

These notes illustrate so much of what our family loves about RMDS – the teachers and staff know Daniel well, value both his academic and social growth, and are eager to share that with us. Daniel’s teachers have been 150% accessible through regular conferences, informal calls, and even text messages when we have questions.

Daniel has close connections with not only his classroom teachers but also other teachers and staff. Because of his interest in math, Daniel often stops by the Middle School math teacher’s classroom during lunch recess to ask her about what the middle schoolers are learning. We love how she delights in Daniel’s questions and explains what algebra is in a way that makes sense to a second grader. At home, he recently asked, “Do you know why there are letters in math equations?” These informal interactions, in addition to the overall project-based curricula, have fostered Daniel’s curiosity and excitement of what’s ahead for him at RMDS.

We believe that Daniel’s academic and social-emotional growth best happens when he is comfortable and appreciated. And this is the case at RMDS. Daniel absolutely loves going to school. He takes the RMDS bus from San Francisco and sprints from our car to the bus each morning!