Why RMDS? “We take work seriously and enjoy it too.”

Guest Post by the D'Amico family

When he was applying to middle schools, our son visited about seven local private schools.  He liked most of them, and felt many could be a good fit.   

But when I picked him up after his RMDS visit day, as soon as we passed through the front doors, he looked up at me and said: “Mom, that is a great school.”  Part of the attraction was: “Mom, they just get me.” 

But what matters to me, as his mother, is his education.  I am not an easy sell; I’m a die-hard fanatic about reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic.  I’m not a fan of worksheets. 

But, after two years, everything I observe about RMDS makes me say: “That is a great school.”  It matters to me that they are reading and discussing classics like, Of Mice and Men and To Kill a Mockingbird, but have also read newer books like Flora and Ulysses and The Crossover.  

The Harkness model is an effective forum for students to learn how to articulate their thoughts, although having a child who is very comfortable forming an argument, and defending it can be a real pain in the neck as a parent.

In the context of this rigor, I love hearing anecdotes at the end of the day - “Mom - I was reading and Nigel the bunny popped up right next to me.  I was reading and then all of a sudden, he was right there.”  I appreciate the little detail that, though very delighted by the surprise visit, my son knew to just pick up Nigel and bring him back to his cage.  You can have a bunny at school if you can handle it.  RMDS is a community that takes their work seriously, but never loses sight of the fact that the whole point is to enjoy the experience, too.