Core Values

What's at the heart of an RMDS education?


RMDS teaches students to reach out and connect with others, to express their ideas and respect their classmates'. From morning handshakes to graduation speeches, we teach students to express themselves with clarity and confidence.


We believe creativity shouldn't be confined to art class. How many different ways can you solve a math problem? What makes your voice different from everyone else's? Creativity at RMDS connects across disciplines to make learning come to life.


In the 21st century, collaboration is essential to success. Our students learn to work together in small and large groups, solving problems and creating projects. We believe that effective collaboration leads to authentic growth. 

Critical Thinking

We teach students how to think, not what to think. Our goal is to produce students who create their own questions instead of only answering someone else's. Inquiry-based learning creates opportunities to push past simple responses to deeper learning.


RMDS graduates are big-hearted and open-minded. Our students know that kindness and empathy are essential in every classroom. Through respect, patience, and gratitude, we teach our students to care about their friends, their communities, and their world.