What makes a school a community?

Welcome! Ring Mountain Day School is a community dedicated to putting students at the center of their education. Small classes and one-on-one interactions with teachers ensure that every student is seen, heard, and challenged. Multi-age classrooms and discussion-based teaching let students develop their strengths and receive the support they need. Independence and confidence grow as teachers accommodate diverse learning styles. 

We believe that students and teachers are partners in education. As a progressive school, we celebrate curiosity and critical thinking through a diverse artistic and rigorous academic program. Our students are joyful learners. As a second grade student told his parents soon after the start of school, "I didn’t know learning could be so fun before I came here.” 

If you’re looking for a school to transform your child’s education, we invite you to visit Ring Mountain. On a school tour, you'll meet our Head of School, Sarah Flowers. You'll see teaching and learning in our collaborative classrooms and meet with teachers and Middle School students who can answer your questions about what makes RMDS special and unique.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school and learning about your family. 


Nina McDonald
Executive Assistant/Admissions

Limited openings are available
for the 2017-2018 school year.  

Tours for Fall 2018 begin in October
and continue through early January.