Lower School

How can two grades be better than one?

Cooperative learning for individual growth

From the beginning, Ring Mountain Day School students are immersed in a school culture that encourages collaboration and understanding, fostering a love of learning. As students come together in each day, they practice and master skills they will use at their school and in their lives: cooperation, inquiry, kindness.

We know that learning isn’t always a straight line. Since our founding, our Lower School classrooms have brought two grades together to learn and grow. The multi-age classroom provides students with role models and leadership opportunities; as students help each other learn, they deepen their own understanding of the material.

The right challenge at the right time

Differentiated instruction provides challenge at the appropriate level for each student. Students’ academic growth is mirrored and supported by a curriculum that builds social and emotional competencies, helping students establish independence, empathy, and discipline.

In the elementary years, children master the academic skills that are the foundations for life long learning. Ring Mountain Day School’s multi-age classrooms allow teachers to respond to every student’s strengths, moving them towards new insights while supporting their growth.