How does a lump of clay become a cup?

Building with clay is a full contact sport. Students throw their weight as they wedge the last air bubbles out of their clay. Arms and hands are covered in slip as they roll coils and pinch pots. As shapes form, so do questions:  How do you make a handle hold its form? What shapes make the best cups? And where does clay come from?

We know that creativity and academics are essential partners. That’s why every RMDS student, beginning in kindergarten, takes music, performing arts and visual arts classes. Through the arts, students gain confidence and build community. They learn to take chances and that mistakes can lead to triumphs. As they explore the arts, they discover their own vision of the world.

Visual Arts

In the art studio, students paint, sculpt, collage and draw. Through artist studies, they explore the fundamentals of visual art, experimenting with form as they create Matisse-inspired cut-outs. Classes use the open space around our campus, creating natural installations after studying Andy Goldsworthy. 


Music begins with rhythm, as students experiment with drums and xylophones. Group singing develops while introducing students to the essential components of music: tune, tone, time and pitch. As students explore across genre, classical, jazz and world music widen their horizons. 

Performing Arts


Imaginations soar in Lower School drama classes. Students learn how to use movement to communicate emotion and character, then move towards improvisation and ensemble work. The all-school play has a role for every Lower School student, building focus, teamwork and confidence.