Middle School

What makes Middle School meaningful?

Honoring students' experiences

Middle School is a time of intense cognitive and emotional growth. Students shift from seeing the world in absolutes to recognizing shades of gray. Academically, they look to connect their schoolwork to the world around them. They want to take action, to make change. At the same time, their emotions come to life in new ways. Everything matters to Middle School students.

Teaching material that matters

At Ring Mountain Day School, the Middle School program is designed to foster intellectual, cognitive, social and emotional growth. Small classes build connections to teachers and peers. Hands on projects, seminar-style discussion, and expressive arts activities engage students in their learning. An emotionally meaningful curriculum links personal experience to essential learning.

Building skills for success

We teach our students how to think, not what to think. By incorporating metacognitive strategies across our program, students build the skills for success in high school and beyond. RMDS graduates are thoughtful, articulate and compassionate. Their high school teachers tell us they have a sense of humor, are willing to take risks, and have great curiosity about the world.  They go out into the world ready for challenges and eager to meet them.