Why run on a track when you can run on a trail?

Beginning in the Ring Mountain playground, students in Physical Education classes run the quarter-mile trail over Horse Hill, an open space preserve that rises behind the RMDS campus. As they crest the hill, they head through the grassy pasture and back to school.

Physical Education at RMDS takes advantage of our Mill Valley location and our turf field to instill the joy of movement and physical activity in all students and to encourage them to be physically active and healthy throughout their lifetime.

The program refines students' skills through traditional and non-traditional games and activities. Health-related fitness also becomes a larger component of each lesson as flexibility, muscular strength and endurance become part of the regular curriculum.

After-school teams give Middle School students the opportunity to compete against local schools during the fall and winter seasons. Offerings in recent years have included co-ed cross-country and flag football teams, as well as boys’ and girls’ basketball.