How does curiosity fuel our classrooms?

We ask our students big questions:  Is genetic engineering ethical? Was it right for the United States to drop the atomic bomb? What do creation myths from around the world have in common? Those questions—and many others—power our curriculum and place students’ ideas at the center of every classroom.

The Middle School curriculum at Ring Mountain Day School is designed to challenge students, to spur their curiosity and engage their minds and hearts. Topics cross disciplines to connect academics to the real world.

Geometry students gain a new understanding of parabolas when they calculate the height of a rocket’s flight in science class. Building a model of the Globe Theater in history makes Shakespeare’s plays come to life.

We lead students to connect their learning to their own lives, to consider their experiences in a larger context. Small classes, seated around a seminar table, give Middle School students the opportunity to try out new ideas and share their insights with each other. Talented and experienced teachers guide students to think critically and creatively, to express their thoughts with clarity and passion. 

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