How can travel transform your learning?

We believe that some of the best learning happens outside the classroom. That’s why we’re committed to off-campus overnight trips for our Middle School students. Using Spanish skills in a rural school in Peru brings the language curriculum to life for our eighth graders. When students see a performance in a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, the world of Elizabethan England becomes real to them. Here’s a sampling of some trips in recent years:

Yosemite National Park


Students backpack through some of California’s most stunning landscapes, connecting their work in earth and environmental sciences to their observations in the natural world. Backpacking and camping together, the class learns team-building and leadership skills. As they challenge themselves and each other, students develop pride in their abilities to meet challenges and support their classmates.

Ashland, Oregon


Our seventh grade spends five days in Ashland, exploring the town and its outdoors areas by day, and seeing the best of what the festival has to offer each night. A collaboration between English and Performing Arts teachers, the trip brings Shakespeare to life and shows students just how relevant these classic works can be in a new setting.  



Eighth grade students fly to Lima for six days of travel throughout Peru. Beginning with a tour of the capital city, the class heads into the countryside to visit a local school and orphanage, practicing their Spanish and teaching English. Community service is a key component of the trip. The class travels to Macchu Picchu, the UNESCO heritage site, to explore Peru’s ancient history and culture.